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PowerMap Online

PowerMap is a cloud-based energy management solution that allows remote monitoring and control of up to 4096 meters or other inputs, such as electricity, gas, water, heat meters, or temperature sensors.

It collects data from meters through pulse output or RS485 modbus RTU and communicates via GPRS or Ethernet. The software is accessible through various devices with internet access, enabling customizable dashboards and visualization of energy usage. It supports energy monitoring, automated billing, remote metering, and historical energy usage tracking.

Users can monitor and control energy usage in various settings, generate reports, invoices, alarms, and integrate with existing systems. Additionally, it supports public displays of energy usage, virtual meters, solar inverter monitoring, and control of diesel generator sets. The system operates on a low-cost, scalable, cloud-based model with an annual charge based on the number of meters monitored.

PowerMap online offers a versatile and economical cloud-based energy management solution, allowing remote monitoring and control of up to 4096 meters or various inputs via Modbus data collection devices. It provides customizable dashboards, automated billing, and in-depth data analysis for a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based energy management solution
  • Remote monitoring and control of up to 4096 meters or various inputs
  • Utilizes Modbus data collection devices for data retrieval
  • Supports GSM, local Ethernet, or Wi-Fi to Ethernet communication
  • Accessible through web browsers on multiple devices
  • Customizable dashboards with display components called Widgets
  • Allows monitoring of temperature, water usage, gas meter readings, and more
  • Provides energy consumption analysis through graphs and charts
  • Enables integration with existing systems and devices
  • Suitable for generator control, GPS asset tracking, solar PV monitoring, and automated billing applications

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