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Energy Grant Brings Voltage Optimisation Savings to West Midlands Manufacturer

Rubbernek Fittings Ltd, a West Midlands-based manufacturer of fluid power fittings, are one of the latest organisations to benefit from a voltage management solution from Watford Control, the trusted world leaders in voltage stabilisation and power conditioners.  

Rubbernek have been able to take advantage of a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant from Low Carbon Workspaces, which offers small and medium-sized enterprises (in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the Black Country) grants of between ?1,000 and ?5,000* on a match-funded basis to cover up to a third of the cost of energy improvements within their business.

Members of the Rubbernek Fittings team who will be benefitting from the new voltage optimisation equipment.
Lisa Guest, Rubbernek's Group Accountant, is pictured third from left in the mustard top

Lisa Guest, Rubbernek's Group Accountant, explains: Due to the increase in electricity prices over the last two years, we were prompted as a business to look at ways to reduce our usage and that's where voltage optimisation came into the picture.

Rubbernek had gone out to the tender stage for voltage optimisation with a number of companies when Watford Control, registered as a supplier with Low Carbon Workspaces, made Rubbernek aware of the energy grant, explaining how it worked and discussing the application process. Lisa Guest comments:

The professionalism of Ed Hudson, Watford Control's Sales Director, was much appreciated and made us choose Watford Control for our voltage stabilisation requirements over other suppliers. Ed arranged a site visit and subsequently provided us with detailed reports which included an in-depth analysis of our electricity consumption and our incoming supply. As well as making us aware of the funding, Ed additionally helped with obtaining the grant itself.

A reliable and established energy saving technology, voltage optimisation when combined with integrated power factor correction (PFC), can typically reduce energy consumption by 7 - 10% offering businesses of all sizes, especially those with heavy electrical usage, impressive savings on their electricity bills.

The new voltage optimisation equipment will meet Rubbernek's business objectives of working towards ISO 14001, reducing their energy consumption and costs, by circa 7.9%, enabling them to remain competitive within the market and at the same time reducing their carbon footprint. Electricity consumption at Rubbernek's facility is expected to decrease by approximately 26,300kWh resulting in an anticipated reduction of around 9.3t CO2e**.

Rubbernek have agreed to install a +/-10% fully automatic voltage stabiliser, with integrated PFC, ensuring that they are now safeguarded against voltage sags, which are becoming more and more prevalent in the grid supply. They will soon begin to see electricity savings from their new equipment and an expected return on investment in just over 2 years thanks to the Low Carbon Workspaces grant.

With over £400,000 being awarded to date, why not see if your business can benefit from a grant from Low Carbon Workspaces to install Watford Control's power saving equipment. To find out more about voltage optimisation or to discuss how voltage optimisation can save your business money, contact Watford Control's friendly sales and technical team on: + 44 (0) 333 210 2 240 or email info@watfordcontrol.com.

*Grants for SMEs in Buckinghamshire are capped at £2,500.
All information is correct at time of publication. For the most up to date information on the Low Carbon Workspaces scheme, please visit their website directly.

** Based on the average UK grid supply at 351 g / kWh