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Watford Control Powering the International Airwaves

Watford Control are delighted to fulfil another order this time for a world leading designer and manufacturer of FM Transmitters. The client has purchased eight voltage stabilisers, model type EM30-20-400V-50/60Hz-+0.5%, for a project in Ethiopia where they will provide a stable and undistorted mains supply in 2019.

Ethiopia frequently experiences power supply issues and struggles to provide a steady electricity supply to its population of 105 million people. With demand for electricity predicted to increase by 30% each year in the country (Export.gov, 2018), unstable electricity supplies are likely to be a continued problem in years to come.

In countries with voltage instabilities like Ethiopia, voltage optimisation equipment is a proven and effective solution to deliver an undistorted supply for most applications.

At the heart of an EM stabiliser is a transformer which has its secondary winding connected between the mains supply and the load with the primary winding voltage controlled by a motor-driven variable transformer. A solid-state servo amplifier continuously monitors the output voltage of the stabiliser and any error voltage is amplified to operate the servo motor of the variable transformer driving its brush gear to a point where it is injecting a voltage that will correct the supply voltage by adding or subtracting from it.

Watford Control's Export Sales Manager, Scott Clinton, comments:

?Watford Control have been manufacturing products in the UK for over 70 years and in that time we?ve managed to support hundreds of clients in Africa to stabilise their electricity supplies through voltage optimisation and power factor correction equipment. At Watford Control, we can design customer solutions to be able to meet any application, at any size and with any option required with optional bypass systems and supplied with a range of digital communication options. We?re delighted that once again Watford Control's range of voltage control products have been selected to stabilise electricity in Africa.?


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