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Light Industrial Voltage Stabilisers

The most compact Electromechanical stabiliser on the market, available in a standard 3 phase configuration, with ranges from 44kVA/±30% to 100kVA/±15%

Our Light Industrial EM stabiliser is built on 75 years of stabiliser manufacturing heritage and tens of thousands of installations world-wide. Complete with input MCCB, test points and metering, the EM system is compact and simple to install, offering reliable performance coupled with simple servicing and fully adjustable independent phase regulation.

Our EM Light system utilises Watford Control's proprietary compact Rotavolt system to control the output voltage to a best in class of 0.5%. The unique design of the Watford Control Rotavolt enables the 3 phase EM Light to come in at 415mm x 630mm x 1010mm, weighing around 250kG.

This makes shipping easier and cheaper than competitor models and therefore much easier to install where space is a premium.